Fact-Checking my newbestfriend Matt Taibbi

A wise woman asked me, “Have you checked any of Matt Taibbi’s facts?” That sounded like a good idea.

Here’s a brief article supporting Matt Taibbi’s views on healthcare.

Click here for Motley Fool article.

Here’s another one that critiques Taibbi’s article from Rolling Stone about Obama’s selling out to Wall St. And this is Matt’s response. His defense is better than anything I could write so I will let you read it yourself.

I am unable to find a critique of Griftopia other than someone saying they don’t like his style (He uses cuss words a lot. I, personally, enjoy it, but others do not.) or they say he’s wrong without giving specifics.

I’m going to be getting some other books that may either corroborate or refute Taibbi. But, for now, my take is that he’s right.

I am also pasting the article by Taibbi in it’s entirety on my References and Extras page. I had trouble finding it and it’s not even on the Rolling Stone site anymore. I realize that Taibbi and Rolling Stone retain copyright and don’t mean to imply that it is my writing in any way. But, since it’s hard to find, I put it there in case you’re interested. Also, I will be happy to remove it if requested by Taibbi or Rolling Stone. So, click there if you want to read the original post.


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