Ze Frank and The Show anniversary

Ze Frank did a video podcast every day, Monday through Friday, from March 17, 2006 to March 17, 2007. At the time, there weren’t a lot of video podcasts. Heck, for that matter, there weren’t very many podcasts, especially not good ones.

The Show was a good one. It was (I was about to write “in my opinion” but, then, I realized, this is my blog so of course it’s my opinion. I guess, I only need to point out if it’s not my opinion. That’s the nice thing about it being my blog.) very funny and clever. The show was experimental, as I understand it. Like, I think that Ze Frank wondered if he could even pull it off.

Each episode was short and usually about news items. And, it was, and is, inspiring to me. First, I like funny things. I love humor and comedy. So, when things are quirky and funny I find them very interesting. Ze Frank is definitely quirky. Secondly, I think that Ze Frank is a critical thinker. I like critical thinking. I like that he seems to use a variety of sources to get his information. After watching a few episodes you can see that he uses the internet and, very occasionally, print periodicals, to get his news. (The advantage here is that, like interviewing eyewitnesses to a crime, you can get at “the truth” by synthesizing the versions of what happened that you get. Right?)

To mark the five year anniversary, Ze Frank is rewatching his episodes and making commentary at this page. Ze Frank The Show anniversary recap And, if you want to watch the episodes, you can get them from iTunes here. iTunes link to The Show

By and large, The Show was “safe for work” and family friendly, though not completely. I would give it a PG or PG13 rating. Like, when he makes the shampoo bottles vomit and then one of them, um, bathes in the “vomit” saying, “I’m a pervert, I’m a pervert!” That is extremely amusing to me and probably disturbing to some and definitely not something I want my kids to emulate. At this point. Maybe when they’re in college.

Mostly, the show is safe and gives me a warm, happy feeling. I feel like Ze Frank cares about me. Not me, specifically, but me as a human being in general. I’ve never met Ze Frank so I don’t pretend that he actually cares about me, but I think that he, ultimately, wants people to be happy. I think that’s really cool. And, interestingly, I care about you in the same way. Except that, if you’re reading this, I probably do know you and probably have met you. And, I care about you anyway.

Also, I have decided to follow Ze Frank’s example. I am going to try to blog daily. And, rather than just throw crap out there about how I brushed my teeth today and, dang it, wouldn’t you know, there were strawberry seeds in my molars!, I will try to make each entry give you something. A movie or music review, a reaction to some current event, a link to something interesting to me (like this entry). Hopefully, at least once a week, there will be something worthwhile to you, dear reader, enough to justify my narcissistic urge to write this in the first place.


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