Stuff I Like Today

You know why The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is awesome? Because, even though he’s obviously a liberal/progressive thinker, he will take on both Republicans and Democrats equally. Now, honestly, he’s way more brutal to Republicans. But, then again, that’s because Republicans are totally ridiculous most of the time.

My iPad is awesome. I love it. I have written every blog post with it, except for one and that’s only because I happened to be sitting at the desktop when the idea came to me. I use my bluetooth keyboard with it to type a lot of words, but otherwise it’s freaking awesome.

I can’t wait to play Portal 2. Did you play Portal? That game was really awesome.

I like this iPad game called Sword and Sworcery. It has super cool 8bit looking graphics but they’re all beautiful and the music/sound is suh-weet. I like the soundtrack too. I bought it. I don’t know that I’ve ever bought a soundtrack for a game before. Certainly not an iPad game. It’s good, though. Suh-weet electronic music.

Politics make me totally nauseous. Donald Trump is perfect for this country. He should totally be president. We would deserve that. This is not stuff I like. Trump and Palin in 2012 is such a great idea. Let’s drive this country straight into the ground so we can start over. But, I like Matt Taibbi because he makes me think there’s still smart people telling the truth in the media. Like Jon Stewart.

I like Stephen Colbert, too. He tells the truth in a different way. He shows how ridiculous the Republicans mostly are by acting like them.

I like my kids. They are cool even when they get on my nerves. I like my students, too. They are cool even when they get on my nerves. Know what I really like? My girl. She is amazing in ways I haven’t even figured out yet. She’s often the smartest person I talk to all day, even if I talked to myself. She’s funny, loving, and hot. I don’t really like her, I love her.

I like the weather lately. Cool but with some sunshine and clouds. It’s way better than the fascism of summer around here. Summer is awful and hot and awful. I hate it. But, the weather lately, I like.

I like a good night’s sleep.

I like funny rumors the students at school start. Like the one they just started that next year Prom will be in the gym. I haven’t even had time to let the ink dry on the facility request for the gym before that word got out. Amazing. It’s hard to keep a secret in ASB, I guess.

I like that about five people, or less, thought that last paragraph was funny. But, I bet I really like those five people.

I like Mumford and Sons’ album “Sigh No More.” I ought not to like it since it’s like folk/bluegrass music, but it’s modern too and the lyrics resonate somewhere in the corners of my heart. I bought it and the Arcade Fire album “The Suburbs” since they were both nominated for album of the year. I just didn’t really get into “The Suburbs.” It’s not that the album was bad, it just didn’t grab me. But, “Sigh No More” did. Good album.

I like the comment I got on one of my more recent posts. One of my former students paid me a bunch of awesome compliments mentioning that my class was one of their favorites, then went on to quote back to me one of the journal topic quotes I put up in class for them to write about and they did it to inspire me! They inspired me with my own inspiration! That’s ridiculously cool! On top of that, they commented on my story and how it made them think. That’s awesome to me. I like that a lot. I may just print out that comment and frame.

I like that show “Swamp People.” One reason I like it is because my family on my Dad’s side is from Lousiana and are Cajuns. Not gator hunters, as far as I know, but they do raise crawdads and make awesome food with them, as I recall. I like it because there is, to me, an honesty in the way the hunters make their living in the swamp. Yes, they hunt alligators, and it’s violent and brutal. But, I think it also is honest and beautiful in it’s own way. I realize all to well that the show is edited and put together as a narrative and that not all we see is as it was or is, but I’m still buying what they’re selling. Those gator hunters like Troy have my respect as they are doing things I never could.

I like a cup of coffee in the morning with some Coffeemate creamer. I know that stuff is probably all kinds of awful for me but when I take that first drink of coffee I can feel it spread throughout my body like the will to live. I don’t need it as much as I used to because the apnea treatment is working. But, I still like a cup of coffee in the morning.

I like HDTV and BluRay movies. I can’t wait to get Apocalypse Now on BluRay. I hope it looks and sounds as good as I think it should. Have you seen Blade Runner in HD? OMG. So good. Avatar looks good, too, but not in the same way. Another movie that is awesome in HD is Nightmare Before Christmas.

Speaking of movies, I find that I like Quentin Tarrantino’s movies more upon repeated viewings. Inglorious Basterds is so amazing. And, I find Kill Bill to be one my favorite films these days. Both of those look great in HDTV, too.

I like my DishTV. I need to remind myself to call and compliment the installer. He did a great job and was very nice. I like HDTV so much I almost refuse to watch SD anymore. Good lord, I’m a picture snob! The Daily Show in HDTV is so much better. No really.

Okay, that’s enough stuff I like for today. Find one thing on here and go check it out and see if you like it to. Even better, leave me a comment on something you like. I gotta go watch a little more Swamp People before I got to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Stuff I Like Today”

  1. There's a lot of stuff you wrote that I like. The one that I had to choose though is your interest in Quentin Tarrantino movies. Though im not going to comment on your comment, Im going to leave you with an idea. What if Quentin Tarrantino, Rob Zombie, and Stanley Kubric had made a movie together! More so Quentin Tarrantino, and Rob Zombie (given the circumstances)! That would be an epic story to behold!


  2. I like some of Rob Zombie's music but not so much his movies. I used to really love horror movies but not so much any more. And, for that matter, I don't think Kubrick and Tarrantino would mesh well, nor would I want them to.

    It's like those rock supergroups. It seems like an awesome idea at first. You take four rock stars and put them in a new group together and they will obviously make mind-bendingly good music, right? But, mostly those bands are about as good as a glass of lukewarm, flat soda. Kubrick and Tarrantino are singular voices in cinema and are both true auteurs. I think they would make an awful film together.

    Though I love both of their movies, usually. Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorites and Clockwork Orange is also good. I never did enjoy 2001 and Dr. Strangelove was funny and weird at the same time. Eyes Wide Shut is so strange that I'm still trying to decide if I liked it or not.


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