In case you care, I’m using a new blogging app

Just in case it’s the sort of thing you’re interested in, I’m using a new app for blogging on my iPad. Blogsy for iPad. So far, I like it much better than the Blogger app I was using previously. This one makes using images easier and has a pretty decent feature set for your formatting. The other app had this annoying habit of not scrolling up automatically when I got to the bottom of the screen and forcing me to push the screen up manually. Not a big deal, but when you get a good rhythm going it’s kind of lame to stop so you can read the screen.

I tried blogging straight on the web interface for Blogger but I didnt like it. Once, it actually refreshed the page automatically and lost a big portion of text. So, now I only go to the web to do some final touches. I much prefer using an app to write.

Blogsy has integration with Google image search, YouTube, and has a built in web browser which is awesome for finding links to drop into a post. Oh, and did I mention you can drag and drop images and links. Nice!


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