Who killed the blog post? Blogsy or Blogger? Or neither?

The other day I wrote a post about the parcel tax in Fontana. Then, I had an exchange of comments via Facebook with a friend. I was rude and dismissive at first to him, then apologized when I realized the error of my ways. I then took his comments, responded, let him elaborate on his thoughts and put together what I thought was a very informative and long post about school funding and counseling and such. I thought it was pretty good.

Well, what happened was my iPad app, Blogsy, ate the first version. No big whoop. I recreated it and considered a second draft. But, half of that got “disappeared” into the digital ether. So, I wrote a third version, or at least the half that got lost. I checked it and posted it last night.

Today, it was gone. Totally. In fact, the post I just wrote about the Senior Assembly had the original URL of that long post from the night before.

So, I’m not using Blogsy for a while. I think it’s either bad luck or poorly written and screwing up my blog posts. I am leaning toward the latter. Sorry if you missed my post from last night. I thought it was worth reading, but maybe it really sucked and this is the god of the internet saving you from being subjected to it.

****Update**** April 30, 2011
I have just downloaded the updated Blogsy and am hoping that it is fixed. I have high hopes! I will say this much; the developer was very responsive and seemed genuinely concerned about both making their app better and making sure that my problem was addressed. I really like this app because it’s so much better to use and more full-featured than my other blogging app. Anything that makes the writing process easier is a good thing. So, I’m writing this on Blogsy and will write a new post on it later. I have a feeling that with a developer as good as these guys that Blogsy is going to turn out to be the best blogging app on iOS.


2 thoughts on “Who killed the blog post? Blogsy or Blogger? Or neither?”

  1. Hello, I am Lance, one of the guys behind Blogsy.

    I will take responsibility for the problems you had. Most apps crash (ours shouldn't) but there is no excuse for a lost of data. I am extremely sorry for that. Around 5 users have reported the same issue you had and we have tracked down the bug and fixed it. The fix is in version 1.0.2 and will be out next week as soon as Apple approves it.

    I hope you will give Blogsy another try once you update. Please, take your time and test it out before you write another long post. It would kill us if you ever lost a post again.

    We are so sorry for your loss of work and time.


    P.S. If you are interested in the details of the bug you are welcome to email me and I will explain it. It happens in very rare circumstances. I don't want to bore your readers with all the details. info(at)fomola.com


  2. Hi Lance, I'm the first person that reported it to you, and have appreciated your email exchange with me. I am looking forward to the update and will give it a try when it comes in. I will write a post about it, too, I'm sure and I will be sure to give you and Fomola props for your quickness in responding to the bug.

    Thanks for what you do. Personally, I don't expect perfection out of anyone but myself. Everyone else just has to try hard. I love that you immediately worked on the fix and admitted the problem. If the fix is as good as the response they we will all be happy!


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