Apologies and Excuses

I had said I wanted to blog every day.  That became weekdays.  Then, it was every other day.  Lately, not at all.  But, I have an excuse.

Number one is that work is very busy and keeping me occupied.  Two is that I felt maybe I was writing too  much, or I didn’t have something interesting to say.  But, then, again, you can always not read the blog.  Lots of people make that choice.  I only have about twenty people that regularly read it, give or take, so of my hundreds of people that get notified (ie. “Friends” and “Followers”) most people choose not to read.

Plus, I told myself that it was better to write something than nothing, and part of the reason I was writing every day was to get past those excuses.  So, yeah, that worked.

But, my occupation has taken up a lot of headspace and time and energy.  It’s that time of year, graduation time.  So, end of the year is upon us, lots of people anxious.  A lot of that anxiety gets directed at me.  Also, I have my interview tomorrow for my ASB position.  That has been taking up some of my time looking at budgets, finances, studying past activities, looking for my strengths and weaknesses.

After all of that, I feel even more strongly that I am the best person to be the Activities Director at my school.  I have four years of experience and education, formal and informal, that I can bring to bear in the years ahead.  With the tough financial times, I actually lowered expenses and increased revenues this year.  I don’t know what else that could be asked for.  I have steadily improved the students and activities.  I would have to imagine that if you took a poll of the people on campus, students included, I would have an approval rating well over 60%.  That’s better than the last two presidents enjoyed.

So, yeah, I guess that’s taking up space in my head.

The weather is unbelievable. What’s up with the rain and cold and SNOW??!! in May?  That’s just wrong. This time last year we were in the 80’s and this year it’s the low 70’s?  Honestly, the weather is making me a little edgy, too.  We’ve got all this crazy news and budget problems and layoffs and my own job uncertainty and then the flooding in the South, tornadoes, and unseasonable cold?

Sweet.  End of days.  Apparently a bunch of people think the Rapture is coming. I have a feeling that, despite the wackiness lately, there will be a lot of disappointed Christians on May 21st.

I don’t think we are in the End of Days, as much fun as that would be.  I think that people are a lot more on edge these days and that we see what we want to see.  We feel like things are going haywire and so we fill in the patterns with things that are going haywire.  No matter how crazy I think it is, I bet that if I did a little research into weather patters, I would find that the weather isn’t that unusual and that, once in a while, the weather does this in May.

I’ll try posting more frequently.  But, until May 27th, I think it will be sporadic.  Then, come summer time, lots of posts will be flowing.  Aren’t you the lucky one?


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