In Which I Go Back to Teaching English

I reapplied and interviewed for the Activities Director position. I was not selected. I will go back to teaching English. This is a bit of a relief. Activities Director is a hard, stressful job.
I may have more to say about it. I wrote another draft that, while oblique, was still more revealing than this. All I was really told is that they wanted to go in another direction and that this decision didn’t belong to any one person.
I think my performance and track record speak for themselves. I don’t know who is replacing me. I thought the job I did was pretty good. I thought I was improving. I thought my certification as a Master Activity Advisor and solid plans for the future were good, too. But, they found someone they liked better.
I’m not happy about. I am trying to be mature about it. But, I worked hard, did what was asked of me, and demonstrably did well. I think I certainly did well enough to merit continuing in the position.


4 thoughts on “In Which I Go Back to Teaching English”

  1. While I'll miss seeing you as the activites director – which you were fabulous at – I can't say I'm not happy that you're going back to teaching English. You teaching English was what got me on track in high school in the first place. I'll never forget my first day of your English class where we talked about me getting into your drama class. Changed my whole high school experience right there. (:


  2. You were (and always will be) an amazing Activities Director. You always has such great ideas and there was so much you contributed to the school. There is no one else who could and would willingly do the things you do for your students and school.


  3. I do have to say that you did a lot of good things for students theses last years, but Mr. P you will continue to do good things for kaiser students.


  4. Thank you, all, for your kind comments. I appreciate it. My coming blog posts will be very involved with my plans for my English classes. I hope you will find them interesting and offer opinions. 🙂


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