Pedagogy Over Dinner

A funny thing happened at dinner last night. I talked to my FWITWW the entire time and didn’t mention ASB. Near the end of the meal, I realized that we had talked about classroom management, lessons, and grading. All I had been thinking about was Junior English.

I’ve decided that I want to give grades based as much as possible on their progress toward the standards. I don’t want grades that reflect output of work. If a kid demonstrates mastery of the standard, they pass, regardless of how much work they did. Second, I want to incorporate game theory and motivation to give kids incentives to achieve. Third, I want to offer options so that kids have the autonomy to tailor their education to their strengths and interests, as much as they can and still follow the prescribed curriculum.

I’m pretty excited about that. Those are things I didnt do much of previously. But, I think all three could be huge in helping kids get more out of their education. I will likely blog about my plans as I go, too. Oooh, lucky you!


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