My Summer Goals

I understand that my Favorite Woman in the Whole World has a ToDo list already written for me. So, I may be busier than I think. I know we have to get the ceiling fan installed, finally. I think there’s some painting to be done, as well. We have to redo our closet. But, here are my goals for the summer.
1. Learn to speak Spanish. I already have some foundation, pero necissito become fluent. I want to be able to speak to all of my students and all of their parents, as much as possible. Oh, and I want to keep my FWITWW from being able to talk about me so easily when I’m sitting there.
2. Rethink the way I run an English class. I want to create a class based on the standards and that grades kids based on what they know, not the amount of work they did. I want to guide their learning instead of forcing it. I want to give them some autonomy to choose how they learn, when the learn and what they learn, within the guidelines of the district approved curriculum and the standards set by the state. This is a lot of work for me, but I have some time on my hands. (side note: to all of you who have uttered the words “teachers get the summer off!! This is what teachers do with the summer off.)
3. Workout 30 minutes, minimum, each day and limit myself to 1900 calories per day. Got to lose weight.
There you go. Wish me luck!


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