My Students Start Blogging!

I thought this was kinda cool. I got tipped off to Edublogs as a good place for students to start blogging. So, I opened up my own blog over there (and paid for it, so if you use them, pay for it and help support a great service!!!). This last week I’ve been encouraging my students to open up blogs, too. I am linking them to my own page and asking them to blog a little each day. It’s been starting slowly with a hitch here and there but otherwise I’m very encouraged. The students seem to think it’s fun, mostly, and it allows me to have them try to review their learning for the day.

I am asking them NOT to use it as a diary exactly. I want them to reflect and summarize some of the things they’ve learned. It will both serve to refresh their memory on what was covered and also help them exercise their writing muscles. I’m using a cool iPad app, Feedler, to read their feeds and it goes quickly. I flew through about 40 posts in an hour, and even left a few comments for them too.

I like this right now. Some of their posts are quite insightful. I am really hoping they will enjoy doing it and forget that it’s good for them and just do it because they like it.


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