Garage workspace improvement

I cleaned the garage and moved some stuff around so I could make some place to work on my bikes. I want to ride regularly which means I need to work on my bikes regularly. I am realizing that some things, like cleaning and lubricating the chain seem obvious, but that I can save myself some money and heartbreak if I will service my hubs and other drivetrain components.

I installed some work lights. No big deal. I did the poorman’s electrical job and strung some heavy duty extension cord to get power to the lights. A few screws and done. But now I have some light in the garage.

I put some of my tools on the wall. It was just a lark, to begin with. Then, it seemed like a good idea. I don’t waste time fishing around for the right size box wrench any more.

I wish I had clean carpeting in there. But, the dirty carpets will have to do for now. Why carpet? Well, I drop little nuts and bolts all the time. They don’t bounce as far when they hit carpet instead of hard concrete.


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