Does a knee brace look pro?

Rode in to work today. Yesterday I rested after the 43 mile ride on Saturday. A rest day can make a big difference! I felt very strong and fast coming to work today! According to my cyclometer, I averaged 17.5 mph and hit 31 mph max speed. Not bad. But, my legs felt fresh and strong. I didn’t really push it at all and still made it here in 24 minutes. My wife passed me in the car once, but I caught her at two different lights!

When training, it’s important to rest some days, especially after a big ride. This is what lets the muscles repair themselves and be stronger.

My knee felt better. My right knee has been uncomfortable on the last few rides. I think my saddle was way too low. I got on the bike today and felt very high up! So, I will ride this a while and see how it goes. Oddly, my left knee has been fine. I’m a little concerned I am just getting old and have a bad knee. I used to like hiking and running but my knees didn’t. Cycling never bothered my knees until now. Another possibility is that I just need to keep getting stronger and my knees will be fine. I wore knee warmers today to see if that helped. Joints need protection, even when it’s not that cold out, at least until you get the blood flowing.


Made my way home. Some parts were great. One stretch isn’t too steep, but it’s still uphill, and I was maintaining 18 mph. Knee hurt later. A bit. Not bad. I have tried raising my saddle, watching the way I pedal, checking my cleat position. I did a little research and chondromalacia of the patella sounds like a possibility. I know I’m not a doctor but it sounds similar. Good news is that strengthening my quad and hamstring muscles is a treatment, as well. I might try a brace and see if that helps. If it does, it would mean that it is likely something happening with my patella.

Weird thing, if I forget to pay attention to the way I pedal, I don’t notice it hurting until I try to make sure I pedal “right” again.

I don’t remember my knee hurting like this, except early in my training last time. So, maybe that’s all it is, is a weakness of the tendons in there or something. I hope so. I hope I’m not getting old and showing signs of arthritis.

Fenders came in for my wife’s bike. Yes! Fenders are the bomb! I would put fenders on my racing bike, too, if I could. I haven’t looked, actually, but I wouldn’t do it because it wouldn’t be “pro” and is against the rules.

I think a knee brace would look pro as long as it matched my saddle color.


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