The training for the century ride

I feel nervous now. There are only 36 days until the Higlander Century. The route has been published and it shows 102 miles with 8,400 feet of climbing. The mileage doesn’t scare me as much as the climbing. That’s a lot of hill! I think I can do that, but I just don’t know for sure. I don’t want to be too slow. And, lately, I have been getting cramps in my calves when I push myself. I just don’t know if I’m getting enough training.

So, now I am riding my bike everyday, or nearly so, to work and back. That’s only 7.3 miles, though. Going home is uphill, so I try hard to keep my speed up and ride in intervals, alternating between going at 90% effort and 60% effort, for example. I think this is good, but it isn’t enough. I have tried to add in some extra miles here and there. So, now, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I’m trying to ride an extra 20 miles with lots of hill work. I am riding up Cherry and into Lytle Creek. That’s a steady grade of about 2-3% with occassional 4-6% grades.

Another thing that, I hope, helps, is that I’m riding a heavier bike. It weighs ten pounds more than my racing bike, the one I will ride the Highlander Century on. In addition, I am carrying panniers on my back rack, which I would guess adds another 10 pounds. But, how much difference this will make, I’m not sure.

This Sunday I hope to put 80 miles on the bike.

More progress to note: I have lost at least 15 pounds and have dropped two inches around my waist, I think. I am hopeful that I will weigh about 170 by the time I ride the century. That should make things a little easier, too. My ideal weight is probably about 165, but I will settle for 170.

My knee still gets sore. It’s not so much painful as it is uncomfortable. I am trying to make sure my cleats and seat are adjusted properly so I can hurt less. It seems to be okay. I may pay for a bike fitting to see if that fixes it.


Today is Sunday, now. I rode 84 miles with 3500 feet of climbing. Not bad. I didn’t feel that tired at the end of it. After doing some reading, I think I am on track. Next weekend I will ride part of Glendora Mountain Road which will give me some very good climbing practice. As well, I am going to continue going up Lytle Creek a couple times a week.


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